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  • Turning East

    Turning East is a collection of autobiographical essays in which sixteen contemporary philosophers describe their personal journeys to the Orthodox Church, explain their reasons for becoming Orthodox Christians, and offer a sense of how their conversions have changed their lives.

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  • Saint George and the Dragon

    This beautifully-illustrated book, with 13 full page illustrations, relates the often-told story of St George and the dragon, with an afterword that looks at the real meaning of the legend.

    Winner of the 2012 Moonbeam Spirit Award

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  • Remember the Days of Old: Orthodox Thinking on the Patristic Heritage

    The faith of the orthodox Christian is “apostolic,” in that it is continuous with the faith of the first century apostles. But to be truly apostolic it must be sent into the world, speaking to each new age. In this fresh and innovative work, Augustine Casiday shows us what it means to re-appropriate the wisdom of the Fathers and to give their words new life in a new age.

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  • Suffering and the Nature of Healing

    “Suffering and the Nature of Healing” explores the central relationship between the Incarnation of the Word of God as Jesus Christ and the nature of healing within the understanding of traditional Christianity. This understanding and teaching regarding sin, suffering, and death have had tremendous impact on the care of the sick.

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St Nicholai writes about St Sava in a simple, moving, and clear manner, con-veying the atmosphere and history of the time. Often brief chap-ters are accompanied by meditations on the meaning of particular events in St Sava's life.

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