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  • Church History Vol III

    This expanded volume summarizes the primary personalities, controversies, and events of the Christian era through a synopsis of each century, beginning from the birth of the Church through the early 21st century.

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  • Primacy in the Church

    A careful and critical selection of historical and theological essays, canonical and liturgical articles, as well as contemporary and contextual reflections on what is arguably the most significant and sensitive issue in both inter-Orthodox debate and inter-Christian dialogue—namely, the authority of the primate and the role of councils in the thought and tradition of the Church.

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  • Gateway of Life

    The Bible, taken on its own, gives us little information about Mary, the virgin who bore and gave birth to Jesus Christ. Yet throughout the history of the Christian Church she has been the focus of unparalleled love and devotion, the subject of fervent prayer.

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  • Church in the Making

    Over the past fifty years, Orthodox theologies of ecclesiology have been revoling around competing schools of ecclesiology—one “universal,” the other “eucharistic.” Father Loudovikos, in this masterful interconnected series of studies, moves beyond this dialectic by exploring the very mode of the Church’s existence.

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Many art historians and scholars have described the sublime icon of the Holy Trinity by St Andrei Rublev, but nothing equals this detailed and comprehensive theological explanation by Fr Gabriel Bunge

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