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Publisher: New Gracanica Monastery

Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich


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A Treasury of Serbian Orthodox Spirituality, vol. VII (Missionary Letters Part 2)

This is a 7th volume of “A Treasury of Serbian Orthodox Spirituality”.

The following volumes have been published:

1. Serbian People as a Servant of God
2. The Faith of Chosen People
3. The Mystery and Meaning of the Battle of Kosovo
4. The Struggle for Faith
5. Letters by the Lake
6. Missionary Letters I

All volumes so far have been translations of the works of Saint Nikolai Velimirovich, with some content in volume 4 taken from the works of Archimandrite Justin Popovich. Now we present to our readers the new volume in the series – volume 7, Cassiana & Missionary Letters of Saint Nikolai Velimirovich. This book is the second part of the 300 letters written by Saint Nikolai, containing letters 101 through 200, and will be followed by one more volume.