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Fellowship of Life [hardcover]

Virtue Ethics and Orthodox Christianity

Woodill joins the precious few Orthodox scholars attempting to formulate an ethical theory for our time from the liturgical, mystical, and ascetical tradition of Eastern Christianity. He integrates the main lines of contemporary virtue ethics with the view of Eastern Church fathers... Lovers of Eastern Christianity...will welcome this book with gratitude and joy.

- Thomas Hopko, Dean Emeritus
St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary

Bringing Orthodox Christianity into the recent dialog on virtue ethics, Joseph Woodill investigates the correspondences between the Eastern Orthodox tradition and contemporary virtue ethics, and he develops a distinctly Orthodox vision of theological ethics.

This book fills a vacuum in our understanding of the Eastern Church by revealing themes, persons, and insights that offer resources for a contemporary moral theology. Reviewing the Eastern tradition from patristic times to the present, Woodill shows its relevance to contemporary virtue ethics and identifies both differences and similarities between Orthodox and other-Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish-virtue ethics.

An ordained Orthodox priest, Joseph Woodill is the pastor of St. John Church in Alpha, New Jersey. He received a Ph.D. in ethics and systematic theology from Fordham University.

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