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Fr. Seraphim Rose


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Genesis, Creation, and Early Man

Includes many illustrations.

Amidst the creation/evolution debate that is now raging, with evidence being offered for both sides, few have made use of what Fr. Seraphim Rose called "the missing evidence": the teaching of the ancient Orthodox Holy Fathers on the events of creation, the first-created world, the natures of created things, and the original nature of man.

Now for the first time in the English language, this teaching has been gathered and set forth in a thorough, detailed, and above all honest manner. Perhaps more than anyone else in our times, Fr. Seraphim Rose searched, studied, prayed, and suffered to understand how the ancients noetically apprehended the creation in the light of the God-inspired book of Genesis. Having acquired their mind, he has presented to the modern world the harmonious patristic vision of the cosmos.

...I would urge us to be not too certain of our accustomed ways of looking at Genesis, and to open ourselves to the wisdom of the God-bearing men of the past who have devoted so much intellectual effort to understanding the text of Genesis as it was meant to be understood. These Holy Fathers are our key to understanding Genesis.

- Fr. Seraphim Rose

Fr. Seraphim Rose was a profound scholar of the teachings of Orthodox Christianity, and also a keen analyst of the modern condition. His penetrating writings and lectures on the patristic understanding of creation, brought together here for the first time, provide a viewpoint about as far from twentieth-century evolutionary naturalism as can be imagined.

- Phillip E. Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial

This book includes an enlightening introduction by Phillip E. Johnson, well-known critic of evolutionary theory and founder of the "Intelligent Design" movement.

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