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Little Russian Philokalia, vol. V

Saint Theodore of Sanaxar


Philokalia means "love of the good" or "love of the beautiful." It was the name given to a celebrated Eighteenth-century collection of Greek patristic writings on Christian spiritual life, teaching the path to inner sobriety and the fullness of union with God.

This Little Russian Philokaliais a new collection of ascetic writings drawn from Russian sources, chiefly of the Eighteenth through the Twentieth centuries.

For the last two centuries there have been many people of God-pleasing life in Holy Russia. These people have taught not only by the example of their life but also by wise counsel. Their wise words of instruction in righteous living are already available in part for whoever thirsts to know the right way of life. The writings [of the more renowned] have been published in volumes of complete works, and also in biographies or collections of letters to spiritual children. But many instructions of others were published either in old magazines or books which have become rarities and are not available now to the general public...

- St. Nikodim, Bishop of Belgorod, 20th Century

Since the counsels of the Russian Fathers in the LITTLE RUSSIAN PHILOKALIA SERIES come from recent centuries, they are of particular value in offering direction suited to the spiritual conditions of the modern age. The LITTLE RUSSIAN PHILOKALIA SERIES can serve as an intermediary between the earlier Fathers of the Greek Philokalia and the spiritual strugglers of our own times.

The humble advice offered by holy men in the LITTLE RUSSIAN PHILOKALIA SERIES renders an inestimable service to a true seeker of salvation--a follower of Christ's narrow path of humility and unceasing spiritual labor. The Series contains much teaching on prayer, inward silence and vigilance, and the acquisition of virtue through following the commandments of the Lord.

The first volume of the LITTLE RUSSIAN PHILOKALIA SERIES contains the Life of St. Seraphim, his "Spiritual Instructions to Laymen and Monks," his soul-saving conversation with Nicholas Motovilov "On the Acquisition of the Holy Spirit," and his prophetic "Great Diveyevo Mystery"which, until the publication of this book, had never been revealed in the English language.The fifth volume of the LITTLE RUSSIAN PHILOKALIA SERIES is dedicated to a remarkable Holy Father central to the spiritual blossoming of Nineteenth-century Russia. Contained in this book are: the Life of the Elder, his spiritual counsels to the monks and nuns under his direction, a number of his letters, the monastic rule of Sanaxar Monastery, and a first-hand account of his canonization.