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  • After God

    Engelhardt invites readers to understand what it means to live in a world after God, where questions of sin and virtue have been replaced with life-and-death-style choices.

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  • Churchianity vs Christianity/h2>

    In these nine talks, Metropolitan Anthony challenges us to move beyond mere “churchianity” to a true and living faith. He helps us to find our lofty calling in the familiar words of the creed, and he points to a path forward, both for individual believers and for our communities.

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  • Exodus

    In Exodus, readers discover more about St John’s role in sustaining his flock in Shanghai, arranging for their flight to Tubabao, and his successful efforts to lobby the U.S. government, which allowed thousands of refugees and orphans to emigrate to America. Drawing extensively on unpublished primary sources—letters, memoirs, interviews, newspaper articles from key figures and eyewitnesses.

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  • Touch and The Healing of the World

    Touch and the Healing of the World explores one of the most familiar yet profound of human experiences—touch. In a series of reflections that focus upon events in the life of Christ (beautifully portrayed in contemporary icons, in full color plates), Dr Daniel Hinshaw contemplates the mystery of the incarnation, focusing on the meaning and importance of touch..

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Many art historians and scholars have described the sublime icon of the Holy Trinity by St Andrei Rublev, but nothing equals this detailed and comprehensive theological explanation by Fr Gabriel Bunge

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