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  • Christianity and the Roman Empire from Nero from Theodosius

    The history of the persecutions reminds us that the spread of Christianity took place against considerable opposition. In our own day, Christians face another kind of test in a world that is increasingly secularized. Allard’s book offers timely reminders of how early Christians maintained their identity as a minority in the midst of official suspicion.

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  • The Wedding in Cana: The Power and Purpose of the First Sign of Jesus Christ

    In the present volume, Fr George focuses his attention on the Gospel of John, and specifically the marriage feast in Cana.

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  • Orthodox Christianity Volume IV

    In Volume Four the history, structure, and meaning of the Church’s liturgical services—including the daily, weekly, yearly, and festal cycles—are explored and explained. Both beginners and experts can benefit from this thorough examination of Orthodox worship and liturgical life.

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  • The Liturgy of Death

    In these previously unpublished talks, Fr Alexander Schmemann critiques contemporary culture’s distorted understanding of death. He then examines the Church’s rites for burial and her prayers for the dead.

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Many art historians and scholars have described the sublime icon of the Holy Trinity by St Andrei Rublev, but nothing equals this detailed and comprehensive theological explanation by Fr Gabriel Bunge

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