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  • Romans : An Orthodox Commentary

    God seems to have chosen the Apostle Paul to demonstrate—arguably more than in any other person in Christian history—how the life “in Christ” arrives at insight through experience.

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  • Revelation: A Liturgical Prophecy

    Fr Patrick Henry Reardon argues that the Book of Revelation is “liturgical prophecy.” Like the prophets of old, it is not a work of theological abstraction, but grounded in particular historical realities: it is only timeless by being timely.

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  • For the Life of the World - Classics Series, vol.1

    In For the Life of the World Alexander Schmemann suggests an approach to the world and life within it, which stems from the liturgical experience of the Orthodox Church. .

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  • Mixed Marriage: An Orthodox History

    This study provides valuable background information and poses difficult questions regarding the challenge of mixed marriages in the Orthodox Church, and is beneficial for anyone working to address this crucial pastoral and practical difficulty, as well as for those interested in the ongoing work of Christian unity.

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Celebration of Faith, vol 2 In this volume, Fr Schmemann examines first the phenomenon of celebration and then its expression in the Orthodox Christian church year, focusing especially on the Christmas and Easter cycles.

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