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Eugen J. Pentiuc


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Jesus the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible

Jesus Messiah in the Hebrew Bible deals with the messianic texts found in the Hebrew Bible. Shifting away from conventional paradigms, Eugen Pentiuc develops a new way of understanding the presence of Christ in the Old Testament. His approach is ontological, based on the view that Jesus the Messiah was pre-existent, and he appeared in manifold forms throughout the Hebrew Bible prior to his human incarnation in the New Testament. This book provides an accurate exegetical basis for reviewing the prophetic indicators--"as well as the literary explications--"of the relationship between the Old Testament prophecy and the New Testament fulfillment of Jesus the Messiah. Intended as primarily a pastoral work, based on theology and biblical exegesis, it contains' homelitic outlines and samples. Also included are the church Fathers' writings on the most important issues of hermeneutics. This book is a work of exegesis and biblical theology entwined with pastoral guidance. It will be a useful tool for both ministers and faithful in their quest of Christ in the Old Testament.

"In this lucid treatment of the messianic texts in the Hebrew Bible, Father Pentiuc's imaginative and scholarly approach brings to life the sacred text of the Old Testament, focusing on the many instances of Christ's presence as the preexistent Logos in the Hebrew Bible. His readings of biblical texts, assisted by Semitic and Greek philology and a focused pastoral approach, are indicators of solid scholarship illumined by faith. Perhaps an even more valuable contribution is Father Pentiuc's assertion of a certain commonality in Jewish and CHristian ways of selecting and interpreting messianic texts. This book will prove very valuable to students and scholars in the classroom, as well as to clergy and lay ministers in their work." -Archbishop Demetrios of America, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America

Father Eugen J. Pentiuc holds a PhD in Near Eastern languages and civilizations from Harvard and a ThD in Old Testament from Bucharest University (Orthodox School of Theology), Romania. He is currently assistant professor of Old Testament and Semitic languages at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, and chair of the religious studies department at Hellenic College in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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