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Submissions Guidelines

A Note on Submissions to St Vladimir’s Seminary Press

The St Vladimir’s Seminary Press Advisory Group, which reviews projects for publication, is composed of the Seminary President, Dean, and CFO, the Editor of the Press, its Production and Rights Manager, Senior Advisor, and marketing personnel. St Vladimir's Seminary Press Series editors, and subject-matter experts, who are often but not always faculty members, are invited assist the Advisory Group in evaluating submissions.

Authors and translators are asked to e-mail a complete, double-spaced, word-processed manuscript in a standard format, with US Letter page dimensions (8.5 x 11 inches) with one-inch margins, and with Unicode fonts only, a detailed cover letter, and a résumé or curriculum vitae, to benedict@svots.edu. Manuscripts must follow St Vladimir’s Seminary Press house style, and should contain no formatting beyond paragraph indentations, italics where appropriate, and block quotes correctly indented but still double-spaced. 

Illustrators are asked to e-mail their URL and résumé or curriculum vitae in a standard format, to benedict@svots.edu. Portfolios, on CD or in hard copy, may be sent to:

Submissions, SVS Press
575 Scarsdale Road
Yonkers, NY 10707


NOTE: While St Vladimir’s Seminary Press may review proposals, it will not make a commitment to publication until the author has submitted a complete manuscript, and that complete manuscript passes successfully through the review and approval process.

PEER REVIEW: St Vladimir's Seminary Press submits manuscripts to one or more experts in the relevant field before making a decision to publish the works.

NOTE ON CHILDREN'S BOOKS: St Vladimir's Seminary Press will not consider manuscripts for children's books unless they are accompanied by sample illustrations, story boards,  and a guarantee from the author that the artist is fully committed to the project.

Submissions for St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly should be sent to its editor, Prof. Emeritus Paul Meyendorff (pm@svots.edu).

Please review our style sheet, which can be viewed and downloaded in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.