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Publisher: Sebastian Press

Bogoljub Sijakovic


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The Presence of Transcendence: Essays on Facing the Other through Holiness, History, and Text

The essays collected in this book venture into various domains of philosophy, such as ontology and epistemology, anthropology and ethics, philosophy of history and history of philosophy, philosophy of religion and theory of the mystical, poetics and hermeneutics. The problems here thematized, which are brought to us primarily by the tradition of Hellenism and Christianity as well as life itself, are both traditional and contemporary: self-knowledge and knowledge of God, transcendence and paradoxy, theodicy and anthropodicy, sacrifice, violence, holiness, responsibility, decision-making, evil, guilt, repentance, forgiveness, memory, as well as: wisdom, suffering, good, the other, freedom, fate, history, the Balkans, war, rationality, and also: reading, dialogue, poetry, metaphysic of light.

Bogoljub Sijakovic (1955-) is a Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade (Serbia) and Professor of Greek Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic (Montenegro). He was Minister for Religious Affairs in the Federal Government of Yugoslavia (2000-2002) and in the Government of the Republic of Serbia (2008-2011).